Transformation Judging

The NMA has added a brand new division called “Transformation”. The NMA has recognized that there are many individuals out there who have overcome great adversity in their lives and are looking for a way to share their journey. These people are looking for encouragement and a platform to display their individual accomplishment. The classes are Men’s Transformation and Women’s Transformation.

The transformation can range from a weight loss, overcoming a severe illness, or beating an addiction. Divisions may be divided up due to number of competitors and different/similar types of adversities.

Essay -
This component will consist of a minimum 200 up to a maximum 500 word essay on what the transformation process has meant to the competitor. This must be written in a Word doc, Google doc, PDF, or other such electronic means of communication and cannot be handwritten. All essays are due 14 days prior to show date. All essays and before and after photos (jpg or png file format on photos) must be emailed to the promoter at
Grammar and spelling will NOT be counted against the competitor.

Judges will consider the following in making their decision:

1 – Essay
2 – Before and After Photo
3 – Stage presence
4 – Body weight/fat loss/physique improvements
5 – Overall transformation


Competitors will all perform casual quarter turns so the judges can get familiar with the competitors and their essay.


Competitors will perform the standard T-Walk on stage. The typical T -walk for bikini or men’s physique will be used by these competitors. Two poses at each position will be performed. Poses should be casual and that best represent the competitor's physique. Highlights of the competitors essay will be read by the Master or Ceremonies.

Attire:  Men will wear shorts similar to Under Armor shorts, no shirts. Women will wear a sports bra and shorts.  All competitors will perform the T-walk in bare feet. Tanning, glaze/oil, make-up should be applied as well. Inspirational house music will be used for this component.