Men's Physique

Judges will look for physically fit contestants who display proper shape and symmetry combined with muscularity, absence of body-fat, and overall condition.  This is not a bodybuilding contest so extreme muscularity will be marked down.  Competitors should NOT have a shredded and vascular look.  Judges will look for an aesthetic symmetrical physique.  Competitors should appear to have achieved a physical health Fitness Model look.

Front - Competitors should face front. Hand on hip or in pocket permitted. Competitor should choose a pose that best displays a semi relaxed physique. Abdominals should be tight along with arms and chest.  Lats should not be flared like a bodybuilder. Feet flat.

Side pose - Competitors should twist to face judges. Abdominals, shoulders and arms should be tight.

Rear pose - Competitors should face the rear. Lats should be semi relaxed.   Arms at sides tensed but not flexed.

Scoring: All men will be compared for body shape, symmetry, muscle development, definition, conditioning, general fitness appearance, and overall stage presence.

Competitors will wear board shorts.  Board shorts are to be above the knee in length and can be 1in below the belly button.  Spandex and logos on shorts are not permitted.  Manufactures logos like Nike and Billabong are acceptable.  Competitors will present their physique on stage barefoot and without shirts.   Judges will look for the best display of a balanced physique.