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OLYMPUS Sept 23rd

At the Natural Muscle Association we run drug tested Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure and Bikini events. Whether you are a seasoned competitor reaching for the highly prized Pro Card, have never stepped on stage in your life or somewhere in between, we have a division for you to compete in.  We emphasize efficiency with a talented group of volunteers and cheerful staff at
all of our events. What does that mean for you? More time on the stage and less time wishing you were on the stage! Additionally we have multiple divisions under each category so bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts like you, always have options regardless of your level of experience.

We offer 4 categories to choose from. They include; Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini and our brand new Transformation Class. There are many divisions within these categories. Our fastest growing divisions are the 1st Time and Mom divisions. Whether you are a seasoned competitor vying for the Pro Card, a Mom who wants to compete against other Mom's or maybe you have never stepped on the stage in your life, we have a division for you to compete in. Check out our many EVENTS and our LEARN MORE section. Want to know more about what the judges are looking for or what to do on stage? Click on our JUDGING CRITERIA. Please check every link on the side bar on the left and educate yourself about the NMA. You can also follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Still got a question, contact us at:
716-553-4905 (Phone/Text)
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Our Mission Statement

The Natural Muscle Association will provide a positive drug free environment for all of its athlete's to compete in. The NMA will have diversified divisions to encompass every range of desired physique development and age. The NMA is here for athletes concerns and also their opinions on how the organization can expand and prosper.


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